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IF YOU EXPERIENCE TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES WITH THIS PAYMENT LINK PLEASE REFER TO THE FOLLOWING LINK. Please note:  you will need to you to provide us with your childs name, age and mailing address. Tickets can also be ordered by phone by calling 479-782-7854.


CHILD (12&under) This ticket gets your child a seat in the princess room with all the other princesses. Adults will not have a seat in this room, however, you are more than welcome to stand or walk around. We will have refreshments for the moms in the parlor room which is right across the hall from the princess room.

ADULT (12+) This ticket gets you in the door with your child, however, it does not get you a seat at a table with your child. You are more than welcome to stand or walk around. We will have refreshments for adults as well

TABLE (all ages) This ticket gets you a private table in the courtyard (table of 4) or on the front porch (table of 2). You can see into the princess room from the front porch tables. So you can have a private tea party with your little princess or you and another mom could get a table and look into the princess room while your daughter is enjoying tea with her friends. Tables will be served the same princess tea and refreshments as the princess room.
There will only be 5 Honorary Princess Tickets for sale. The difference between this ticket and a regular child ticket is that your child will be presented with a certificate and flower bouquet in front of all the other princess in recognition for her generous donation of $25 to the Bonneville House Association. The ticket purchase serves as the donation and is 100% tax-deducitble for mom & dad









2016 Events